Traveling Science Lab "Curiosity Cube" Comes To Laramie  

Jul 3, 2018

Pharmaceuticals and biosciences company MilliporeSigma is stopping in Laramie this week to showcase its “Curiosity Cube.” What used to be a 22 by 10-foot shipping container is now a mobile science lab with interactive experiments. The Curiosity Cube allows kids to experience different technologies like high-tech microscopes, virtual reality, and 3D printers. 

Kaely Zeiser, the project’s coordinator, is excited for this year’s experiments. 

“The experiments this year have to do with the superpowers of cells. So, we want visitors to understand what a cell is and how important they are in our body and how important they are in the world,” said Zeiser. 

Zeiser said the goal is to encourage young people to explore STEM fields – science, technology, engineering, and math. 

“We are a global life science company, and we have a site here in Laramie, Wyoming. We see that there’s a tremendous opportunity in STEM careers so that’s why we bring the Curiosity Cube around to MilliporeSigma cities,” said Zeiser.  

The Curiosity Cube will make several stops throughout Laramie this week, including Tuesday afternoon at the Albany County Public Library, Wednesday at Washington Park, and Friday at the Laramie Farmers’ Market.