Travelers Between Casper and Buffalo Can Now Enjoy Uninterrupted WPM Service

Feb 5, 2014

Shane Toven, Wyoming Public Media’s Director of Engineering, at the Kaycee tower.
Credit Shane Toven

WPM completed installation of a new transmitter and antenna near Kaycee that bridges the stretch of Interstate 25 between Casper and Buffalo.  The new signal provides a good amount of overlap with the 91.3 signal from Casper and fades where the 90.5 Buffalo signal begins.  A number of new areas between the 90.5 Buffalo and 90.9 Gillette signals along Interstate 90 are also now covered.

“The new signal, 88.7 KUWK, improves listening in an area that historically has suffered weak coverage” says Shane Toven, WPM Director of Engineering. 

[Funded by the UW Outreach School, of which WPM is a part, this tower supports the University’s outreach mission to provide a strong public radio broadcast service throughout Wyoming.  WPM currently covers close to 90% of the state’s terrain, and is the 3rd largest state network in the country.]