Trauner Announces Bid For Senate Seat

Dec 8, 2017

Former Democratic U.S. House Candidate Gary Trauner has announced that he will run for Wyoming’s U.S. Senate seat. The seat is currently held by John Barrasso who is up for re-election. Trauner who calls himself an organizational and financial entrepreneur most recently served as the Chief Operating Office of St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Jackson. He said he’s running because government is no longer working.


“You know the system’s rigged, DC’s broken, and regular people aren’t getting ahead.  And I think it’s this huge elephant in our country and we’re not really talking about what needs to be talked about and we’re not really acknowledging that it’s not working for us right now.” 


Trauner added that it’s time to elect real people who are doing things for the people they represent. He said Barrasso has not addressed issues like health care, among other things.


Or stable jobs, or long term viable energy solutions, or this monstrosity of a tax bill which gives permanent tax cuts to corporations, blows up the debt, and gives temporary tax cuts to some individuals. It just makes no sense.”


Trauner said Wyoming needs someone who will listen and do what’s best for the state and the country. His website is