Therapy Horse Summit Caters To Those With Autism

Sep 1, 2018

Although we live in the West not everyone has the opportunity to ride a horse. A summit in Jackson is trying to make horses accessible to more people. Even if you live far away and sometimes need help going through your day today.

Jackson will host a horse riding summit designed for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The event is put on by Solera Holdings Incorporated with the help of the Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding Association. It’s happening September 5 through 9.

During the four day summit, eight participants are flown in from Boston. Many have never been to Wyoming, and even fewer have ridden a horse before participating in the Summit.

Interested participants apply, and if accepted, don’t pay for anything during their trip.

Solera Spokesperson Gabby Cruz sees this as the whole community coming together to support a heartwarming event.

“It’s just so empowering because we are bringing these participants out here. Not only are they getting a life experience but so is this community who are involved and helping. Showing them what Wyoming has to offer then I think we are doing a good thing.

The 4th Annual Aspiration Summit also has outdoor workshops designed to build teamwork skills and confidence.

Gabby Cruz calls the experience transformative for participants.

“We interview them when they arrive and so they are nervous they are shy, they don’t want to talk so much. And then by the end of the week, they’re like we don’t want to leave this is amazing I didn’t like horses before I like them now.”

In addition to working with therapy horses, there are team building workshops and confidence building exercises.