Theatre To Be Added To New Cheyenne Children's Museum

Apr 28, 2016


The dream of an interactive children’s museum in Cheyenne is one step closer to reality. The Wyoming Humanities Council is investing $25,000 towards a stage and theatre in the new museum. The 300-400 seat venue will be a flexible space that can host events for all ages.

Museum President Amy Surdam says the idea for an interactive museum came from taking her own kids to a children’s museum in Bloomington, Indiana. The interactive exhibits sparked her children’s interest in learning and got Surdam wondering about a similar museum in Cheyenne.

“I said, why can’t we have a children’s museum like this in Wyoming? Why don’t we have that?” says Surdam. “I had enough experience with business and leadership that I just thought, you know, that’s it, I need to make this happen.” 

Surdam says investing in Wyoming’s children is important to diversify the economy in the future.

Wyoming Humanities Council Executive Director Shannon Smith says the emphasis on the humanities made the project a great fit for her organization.

“I saw this amazing design, with all kinds of exhibits and great potential for programs that would use humanities, which are at the crossroads of both the arts and sciences,” Smith says.

Smith says while the Humanities Council is best known for its adult programming, it’s also involved with youth programs, such as Teton County Model United Nations and Wyoming History Day. The Children’s Museum of Cheyenne plans to open its doors in 2017. It will cost an estimated $20 million.