Teton County To Build Affordable Housing For Teachers

Jul 3, 2014

Teton County is planning to build affordable housing for local teachers.

Downtown Jackson Wyoming at dusk.
Credit Alan English CPA via Flickr Creative Commons

The development in Wilson will include 11 homes. Each will have 3 bedrooms and cost no more than $422,500. The median sales price for residential properties in Jackson Hole last year was more than $550,000.

Commissioner Ben Ellis says he hopes the development will keep top teaching talent in Teton County.

"There are many very highly qualified teachers that struggle to make ends meet within this community," Ellis said. "When folks look around at similar wages that they can attain in other communities and the cost of housing is much lower, we tend to lose those folks to other communities."

Ellis says the school district's existing teacher-specific housing isn't enough. This project has been in development for nearly a decade.

Developers plan to begin work on the site next week.