Tesla To Break Ground On Sheridan Supercharger Station

Jun 19, 2015

Credit Flickr

The electric car company Tesla will soon break ground on a supercharger station in Sheridan.

Sheridan’s supercharger station will be the third of its kind in Wyoming, joining two located in Cheyenne and Lusk. Wyoming also has 2 destination chargers in Jackson and Sheridan. But unlike Destination Chargers which are affiliated with a hotel or restaurant, superchargers are more like self-contained gas stations for Tesla’s electric cars. But instead of filling the tank you plug the car in to a freestanding station, located in a parking lot.

The energy is free to the driver, but it isn’t the quickest stop: a full charge takes around an hour to complete. Jay Stender of Forward Sheridan, an economic development group, says the extra time to kill could bring business into the local economy.

"Because if you’ve got your Tesla and you stop, well there’s a hotel, there’s a restaurant, there’s a coffee shop, you can begin to see the community So it’s really a great opportunity," Stender says.

There’s no word yet on when exactly the project will break ground. So far there are 445 Supercharger Stations across the United States and Canada.