Teacher Accountability Moves Out of Second Committee

Feb 9, 2017

Credit Wyoming Public Media

Wyoming’s Senate Education Committee moved a bill forward today to change how teachers are evaluated. The change is also supported by school districts and teachers across the state.

House Bill 37 removes the state’s responsibility to monitor teachers and gives that power to local school districts. Wyoming Education Association spokesperson Ken Decaria said school districts and teachers around the state support the change.

"This has been pretty unanimous with all groups," said Decaria. "The school boards, the administrators, even our organization have worked together to really turn it back to local districts to decide what the best evaluation system is to evaluate their own employees, because you’re going to find that each one has differences. They know that they have strengths and weaknesses."

If passed, the state board of education would establish the rules to be used by school principals. The bill moved forward to the floor of the Senate for continued review.