Superintendent Hill will respond to negative report before a legislative committee

Dec 4, 2012

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill says she is looking forward to addressing a legislative committee next week following a report that was critical of her department.

The Legislative Service Office report said that errors and communication problems led to delays in the Department of Education’s ability to provide necessary federal information and required state accountability data.  Hill says the report is inaccurate. 

Hill denies that her office has missed any deadline and said it was audited and passed with flying colors. Hill says her dispute with the legislature stems from the fact that she defeated former State Senator Mike Massie, who she says was a very popular legislator.           

"Their colleague wasn’t elected and for some of them in their hearts they suffered a loss.  I just hope that we move…rise from those petty grievances that might still be there and set aside differences and return to the work."

Hill says she supports efforts to make educators more accountable, but she admits that she’s had concerns about some of the legislative proposals. 

The State Superintendent has been at odds with some members of the legislature for several months and she says it is time they work together.

“And for those who are not willing to I can’t control them. But I know that I am and I know that we are doing that in districts throughout the state and will continue to do it.  And I know that the WDE is less fragmented then when I walked in.  And for those who are here they’re mission oriented and are focused on growing kids in our schools.”

Education Committee Co-Chairs Hank Coe and Matt Teeters wrote Hill a letter saying that she will be allowed to address points in the report for 30 minutes when the Select Education Accountability Committee meets on December 12th.