Superintendent Candidate Favors Local Standards And Accountability

Jul 8, 2014

A member of State Superintendent Cindy Hill’s staff is hoping to replace her.  Sheryl Lane is one of three Republican’s running for the right to face Democrat Mike Ceballos in the November general election.  

Lane is a former classroom teacher and while she likes the fact that legislators are looking at improving school and teacher accountability, she does not like the way they are going about it.  She says they have developed state accountability measures, something she opposes.

“We need to have accountability held right as close as possible to those who really know how well I am teaching…for instance…and that would be my parents, my administration, and my peers.”

Lane says accountability and education standards should be up to local districts to determine.  Lane also takes issue with the Common Core education standards that the state has adopted.  She doesn’t approve of the top down approach the standards take saying that she favors locally developed standards.  Lane also has problems with the testing that is part of common core.

“When those standards are tied to a national test that is tied to teacher evaluations and tied to collecting voluminous student data, then I’m very worried about it.”

Lane is facing Bill Winney and Jillian Balow in the Republican primary.