Superintendent is accused of misusing money and mistreating employees

Jan 6, 2014

A former supervisor with the Wyoming Education Department is accusing Schools Superintendent Cindy Hill of misusing federal money and improperly implementing a reading program when she ran the department.  

A special Wyoming House Committee is holding hearings this week to determine if Hill committed any impeachable offenses.  Gail Eisenhauer testified that Hill and her leadership team were difficult to work for.

“There was a feeling that if you crossed one of the members of the leadership team or Superintendent Hill that there would be retaliation.  I know a lot of people feared for their jobs.”

Others testified that Hill ran the department with intimidation and fear.  Committee Chairman Tom Lubnau says the goal of the hearing is to cut through accusations and learn the truth.  Testimony on the first day went into the evening.

The committee could recommend impeachment.  Hill says she’s done nothing wrong.