StoryCorps Opening Day In Cheyenne

Jul 15, 2013

Take a look at the many on-goings during StoryCorps Opening Day in Cheyenne on July 12. Everyone at Wyoming Public Media had a role to play in the StoryCorps launch and the event went off without a hitch. From the press that were invited, to the live interviews and the conversations held, there was never a dull moment.

The special guests interviewed by Morning Music Host and Program Director Grady Kirkpatrick include Wyoming Governor Matt Mead, Author CJ Box, and Cheyenne Mayor Richard Kaysen. There was also live music from Cheyenne based bluegrass band BeatGrass.

Cheyenne residents still have a chance to step up to the microphone and have the stories of their lives preserved by StoryCorps and possibly be broadcast on NPR, until August 3.

To make a reservation for StoryCorps stop in Cheyenne, click here or call 800-850-4406.