State Offering Grants For Community Vertical Gardens

Apr 17, 2019

Credit Wyoming Business Council

The Wyoming Business Council is offering grants to communities to build vertical gardens.

The council received funding from the Wyoming and U.S. Departments of Agriculture for the project. Vertical gardens can be put in underutilized spaces, like the sides of buildings. The gardens are hydroponic, meaning they don't have soil.

Kim Porter, community initiatives director for the business council, said the project is about community members building relationships.

"The goal of it is to encourage people to spend more time in our community areas, maybe gain the interest of tourists so they'll stop and spend more time in our communities. And all of this is built around building economic and community development in our communities," she said.

The gardens also create opportunity for people to learn more about growing fruits and vegetables, she added.

Porter said the grants are more for communities, instead of individuals, with a focus on private businesses working with cities or community organizations.

"The preference is that a community development organization, an economic development organization, city, chamber, nonprofit apply for the funds and then work in partnership with a business," she said.

The ideal space for a vertical garden is a place where all community members have access to it, Porter said.