Spending Bills For UW Construction Projects Are Headed For A Showdown

Mar 4, 2020

Credit Bob Beck / Wyoming Public Radio

A state capital construction bill received final approval from the Wyoming House, setting the stage for a conference committee that will focus on what the University of Wyoming will get. 

The House approved a budget for roughly $50 million worth of building projects at UW, including funding for a new pool for the swim team and an upgraded law school.

The Senate approved only $500 thousand for the University. During final debate on the capital construction bill, several conservative members of the House complained that the State is spending too much on building projects. Speaker of the House Steve Harshman said the $119 million they are spending is much less than in past years.

"Four years ago or six years ago the state cap con portion was $400 million, a tremendous amount of money. Now it is going down, down, down to fit with what we have. But I think nobody is interested in going back to the 1990s, we didn't have anybody working in this state," noted Harshman.

He said the bill will provide jobs and build projects that the state needs.

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