Snowpack Levels In Wyoming Only Half Of 2014

Apr 7, 2015

Wyoming has half the snowpack it did at this time that year. That’s according to a report from the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The state had an average 135% snowpack level in March of 2014, but this March had only a 70% average. The Sweetwater and Belle Fourche saw its lowest levels of snowpack since record-keeping began.  

Daryl Lee Hackleman  is the Water Supply Specialist with the Service’s Wyoming office. He says while the year started out strong, snow just didn’t come.

Well basically since the first of March we haven't been getting anything.

“Well basically since the first of March we haven’t been getting anything," says Hackleman. "We’ve been getting nice warm weather and everybody likes to go outside and thinks it’s wonderful, but it’s not conducive to any snowpack.”

Hackleman also says that winter snow accumulation is important in the summer, and less snowpack means less water later in the season.