Shutdown Affects Cody Area

Jan 3, 2019

The federal government has been shut down since December 21 and the city of Cody isn't feeling as impacted as the federally owned land surrounding it.

Cody Mayor Matt Hall said the city has had to put federal grant applications and processes on hold. He gave an example of a justice department grant for the Cody Police Department.

"The grants we have already received [like] we're just doing one of them with our body cams from the justice department," said Hall.

However, he acknowledged that the National Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management lands and Yellowstone National Park are much more impacted by the shutdown. Most of the employees of these agencies are not allowed to work. While services have been closed in Yellowstone, certain concessions continue.

"Some of the concessioner's like snowmobile guides are still allowed to go into the park. It's just on them to clean up after themselves," said Hall.

Guides have been splitting costs of grooming trails. Yellowstone is open to the public but only emergency services and law enforcement are provided by the park. The federal government shutdown began when President Trump and Congress failed to agree on a budget.