Sheridan Winter Rodeo Canceled

Nov 24, 2020

Credit Catherine Wheeler

Organizers have canceled Sheridan's annual winter festival to prioritize public health and safety.

February 2021 would have marked the third annual Sheridan Winter Rodeo, but the event is canceled due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sheridan Travel and Tourism Executive Director Shawn Parker said the influx of people would likely lead to community spread.

"We were extremely concerned with how large our event is and our inability to put in place protocols that would have protected people on the weekend of the event," he said.

The winter rodeo usually provides an economic boost during the town's off-season, bringing in about $2 million last year. But Parker said it might do the opposite if businesses had to shut down in the weeks after because of the virus.

"When you weigh that against the potential for shutting down businesses in case of an outbreak, it's an easy call to make," he said "Businesses might do really well that day, but how long do they have to shut down for if everyone in their business comes down with COVID or if one person does?"

Parker said while the community was likely looking forward to a reason to get together, the extended break will only make the event more exciting in 2022.

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