Sheridan Launches Wyoming Theater Festival

Jul 22, 2015

Credit Wyoming Theater Festival

Sheridan is hosting the first ever Wyoming Theater Festival. Talent from across the country has come to develop plays. Festival Director DannyLee Hodnett says the goal is to do for theatre that what Sundance Film Festival does for film.

“We’re trying to develop a theatre tourism economy. And for the audience, we just want to entertain them, give them a chance to see some great work and to be part of the creative process of what’s going to be on the stages in the big cities next season,” he says.

Seven time Emmy Award winner Mark Saltzman is working on his play “Romeo and Bernadette.”

“It’s a mob fantasy-fairytale about Shakespeare’s Romeo coming back and pursuing a girl he thinks is Juliet who is actually a mafia princess,” explains Saltzman.

The festival continues through July 25 with the main plays performed at the WYO Theater in Sheridan.