Sheridan Extends Main Street Reconfiguration Test

Sep 6, 2019

Sheridan is testing two lanes of traffic in either direction and one center turn lane.
Credit Catherine Wheeler

The Sheridan Main Street reconfiguration test will go on for three additional weeks as, the city looks at potentially reducing the number of lanes.

The test was set to end on September 8, but city staff told the Sheridan city council an extension would be better for both the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the city to gather more data.

Currently, Sheridan is testing the idea of changing the number of lanes on Main Street from four lanes to two lanes with a center turn lane as a way to make the downtown a destination for residents and tourists. The reconfiguration also includes a buffer zone in between traffic and parked cars.

City Engineer Hanns Mercer said an extension will give the city time to think about the next steps.

"With extending the test, we're going to analyze the counts and everything. It just gives us more time to collect more data and do a little more research and figure out what is the plan moving forward off the test," Mercer said.

Brian Craig, Sheridan's community development director, said most of the city has responded positively to the lane changes.

"Most common terms and themes we're hearing from the supporters of the project are it feels safer to be in downtown traveling as a driver but also walking downtown feels quieter so that adds to the level of safety and comfort," he said.

Public comment on the reconfiguration will be accepted online through September 9.

The city will host a public meeting on the topic on September 17. Officials from WYDOT said they plan to have test results at that meeting. Craig said the meeting will be an opportunity for the community to talk about the results and to discuss any potential changes moving forward.