Sheridan College Receives Western Art Collection

Feb 8, 2018

Western artist Theodore Waddell and his wife, Lynn, are gifting an 80 piece print collection to the Whitney Center for the Arts at Sheridan College. The collection includes works from celebrated artists from around the country, all gathered by Waddell himself.  “I’ve traded and bought works, prints and whatnot, forever. Just from people whose work I’ve admired and cared for over a lifetime”, he says.

In addition, more than a dozen of Waddell’s own works will be made available to the public for purchase. The proceeds from the sale will support the launch of a visiting artists program and an annual cash prize for Sheridan College printmaking students.

In 2017, the Waddells also donated a Takach Printing Press, allowing for the ongoing study of traditional, advanced professional printmaking at Sheridan College. Whitney Center director Erin Hanke says the printing press will further legitimize Sheridan College’s art program. She says that even their current print faculty was not able to use a press like this until graduate school.

“It’s not something that every program has, and it just helps reinforce the idea that you get a really rare experience as a student at Sheridan College”, she says.

The Takach Press Corporation was founded by Sheridan Wyoming native Dave Takach, and is widely considered one of the top fine art printing press manufacturers in the world. The print collection’s opening reception is Thursday, February 8. The collection will be on display through mid-May.