Sheridan College To Celebrate Whitney Days

Sep 19, 2019

Credit Sheridan College

When Edward A. Whitney died in 1917, he willed most of his estate to create a foundation focusing on fostering educational opportunities for the people of Sheridan County.

That foundation, Whitney Benefits, has gone on to provide support to Sheridan College in numerous ways, including funding campus buildings, equipment for career and technical education programs and scholarships for students.

Just in the last decade, Whitney Benefits has contributed more than $72 million to Sheridan College.

In coordination with its homecoming week, Sheridan College will honor Whitney and his lasting contributions to the community.

Leah Barrett, vice president of student affairs for the Northern Wyoming Community College District, said this is the second year the college has celebrated what they call Whitney Days.

"I think it's important for our students to understand what this incredible man did to support the people of our county with his generosity," she said.

Barrett said the week helps to educate students on Whitney's contributions to not only Sheridan College, but also to the city and county.

"We want our students to understand, because we have a lot of buildings that are named Whitney, and in Sheridan there are streets and blocks and other buildings named after Whitney. And so for us, it's a way for us to talk to the students about his contributions and his legacy," she said.

Events for the week will include a Sheridan College rodeo, soccer games, a food drive and a block party.

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