Shepard Foundation Director Says The Country Has Come A Long Way

Oct 6, 2014

The Executive Director of the Matthew Shepard foundation is delighted that the Supreme Court appears to have opened the door for gay marriage across the country. Jason Marsden notes that 16 years ago tonight/Monday, Matthew Shepard was kidnapped, tied up, and beaten to within an inch of his life. He died a few days later. 

Marsden believes Shepard's murder helped ignite a new discussion on gay rights that's ultimately led to growing support for same sex marriages.

“You know within such a short period of time to have suddenly a majority of states achieving or being on the very verge of equality for same sex couples and the ability to get married is an astonishing reversal.”

Marsden is disappointed that Wyoming Governor Matt Mead has pledged to continue to fighting gay marriage, despite the high court's decision. 

“Well I don’t think there’s many more months ahead of us before citizens of the equality state can marry the person they love regardless of whether they are same or opposite sex couples. I think it’s disappointing and I hope the governor and attorney general reconsider their decision and stop this losing battle.”

Marsden said that he looks forward to the day when same sex marriages in Wyoming will be mainstream.