Sex Assault Protection Order Bill Passes The House

Jan 19, 2015

The Wyoming House of Representatives has passed a bill that would provide protection orders for victims of sexual assault. Wyoming currently has no such provision.

The protection order would keep the person accused of the sexual assault from having any contact with the victim. Supporters of the bill wanted the protection order to last for a year, but Worland Representative Michael Greear successfully amended the bill which reduced the protection order to three months. He argued that it unfairly impacted someone who’s not yet been found guilty. 

Cody Representative Sam Krone opposed the change.

“My biggest concern about limiting it to just 3 months is that in these most egregious cases you are going to have to have the victim go back in and present the evidence again and its basically re-victimizing those folks to keep going back every 3 months.”

Krone said that he hopes to get the Senate to remove the amendment when it looks at the bill.