September 8th, 2017

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Wyoming Senators Hope To Make Progress On A Number Of Issues

Wyoming’s lawmakers just returned to Washington after a summer break that President Trump urged the Senate to cut short to take up more of his agenda. Matt Laslo reports from Washington on what Wyoming lawmakers think they can accomplish this fall.

UW College Of Law's Suzie Pritchett Discusses DACA Changes

On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA, would be phased out. Suzie Pritchett is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Family and Immigrant Justice Clinic at the University of Wyoming College of Law. She spoke with Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen about how DACA came to be, its relevance to Wyoming, and what is now at stake for its recipients. 

Busted Uranium Market Gears Up For Potential Boom

The U.S. used to be the world’s number one uranium producer and most of it came from Wyoming. But since the 1980s, production has fallen off a cliff. Prices are at rock bottom. That may be about to change -- uranium’s biggest customer is the nuclear energy industry. In coming years, hundreds of new nuclear reactors are planned for China and India. Uranium companies in the U.S. are hoping to gear up for a boom. Inside Energy’s Madelyn Beck reports. 

Uravan: The Uranium Town That Was

Superfund clean-ups are a priority for Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. He wants to cut through red tape that has left more than a thousand sites still contaminated -- with everything from radioactive waste to lead. He also wants to remove sites that have already been cleaned up from the so-called National Priority List which has more than 1300 sites. Inside Energy’s Dan Boyce visited a town in western Colorado that’s been on that list since 1986. 

Local Government Will Ask To Raise Revenue

On Tuesday, City Council members and others will converge on the legislature’s Joint Revenue Committee to suggest ways that communities could raise more money for themselves. Lawmakers are worried about maintaining local government funding due to the downturn in the energy economy…and because of education funding needs. Wyoming Association of Municipalities Director Rick Kaysen joins us to say that if local governments could raise more money internally, it could address budget uncertainty.  

Wyoming Ends Program Supporting Migrant Students

Farmworker families often have to migrant from state to state to find work. And that makes school challenging for their kids. For over 40 years the Wyoming Department of Education has run a program to support this vulnerable student population, but that has now come to an end. Wyoming Public Radio’s education reporter Tennessee Watson looks at why.  

Central Wyoming College Plans To Start Program To Develop Tribal Leaders

Central Wyoming College in Riverton sits in a very unique spot in the state…Right next door to the Wind River Indian Reservation. Many of its students are Native American. But now, the school is stepping up to do even more for the tribal community and are well underway in designing a program to educate future Native leaders. But that’s not all the Institute for Tribal Leadership will do. I talked with CWC president Brad Tindall and the college’s tribal education coordinator Ivan Posey about their plans.

Renewed Controversy Over Who Should Manage Grizzlies

After decades of controversy, Yellowstone grizzly bears are now officially under state management in Wyoming, but the debate isn’t over quite yet. Several conservation groups have filed lawsuits to stop the switch and keep the once-endangered species under federal management. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports. 

Companion Musical Adds To Guys And Dolls Legacy

The classic 1950s musical Guys and Dolls gave us Frank Sinatra throwing dice and crooning “Luck Be A Lady Tonight” in a fedora. The comedy is a staple of Community and High School Theater, and has seen numerous Broadway revivals over the years. Playwright Mark Saltzman is now looking to add to that legacy with his companion musical “Another Roll of the Dice,” which premiered at the Wyoming Theater Festival this week. His show re-unites the music of Frank Loesser and the stories of author Damon Runyon, the original minds behind Guys and Dolls. Saltzman told Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard his own creative interest was sparked when he was a teenager reading Runyon’s stories.