September 28th, 2018

Credit Cooper McKim

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Wyoming Lawmakers Closely Watch Trump's Global Trade War

Wyoming lawmakers are sticking by President Trump as he escalates his global trade war even as fear is growing that it will soon be felt from the state’s oil fields all the way down to the electronics you rely on. Washington Correspondent Matt Laslo reports that other Republicans from across the nation aren’t as patient as our lawmakers.

Holding Back Methane: State Steps Up As Federal Regulations Relax

Two major Obama-era rules that aim to reduce methane from oil and gas operations are in the process of being weakened and rolled back. Many are worried about what it means for air quality. But in Wyoming, one of the top ten oil and gas producers in the country, it may not mean much — the state is looking at implementing its own similar guidance. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports.

The Hathaway Scholarship: Increasing Access To Higher Ed Or Deepening The Divide?

Back in 2005, the Wyoming legislature set up the Hathaway Scholarship to help make higher education more accessible to Wyoming high school graduates, but data requested by Wyoming Public Radio indicates low-income students aren’t reaping the same benefits from the program as their higher income peers. Our education reporter Tennessee Watson takes a look. 

Rammell Said He's Bringing A True Conservative Voice To The Campaign For Governor

Rock Springs Veterinarian Rex Rammell is running for governor as a member of the Constitution Party. Rammell, who is not a fan of Republican Candidate Mark Gordon, decided to enter the race as a third party candidate to give conservative voters another option. Rammell had considered running as a Republican but initially decided to stay out of the race.

Wyoming Works To Reduce High Numbers Returning To Prison

Wyoming’s prisons are overcrowded to the point that the state has had to ship some inmates out of state. An analysis of the state prison system shows that over 50 percent of those behind bars are there due to probation or parole violations. Lawmakers were told that they could save millions if they found a way to not return those people to prison and to help substance abusers at a young age. Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck reports.

Wyoming Novelist Explores Tribalism And The Danger Of Words

Novelist Alyson Hagy has been a professor at the University of Wyoming for 20 years and her last three novels have all been set in a very realistic American West. But for her eighth novel, Scribe, Hagy ventures into very new territory …a dystopia in the Blue Ridge Mountain of Virginia, an area where Hagy spent her childhood. I asked Hagy where the inspiration for such a radical new direction came from. Hagy says it all started on a visit home.

You Might (Not) Want To Sit Down For This: Squat Toilets Solve Potty Problem In Yellowstone

When visiting Yellowstone National Park or any parks in our region, there’s a lot to consider. Will traffic be bad? What about the weather? Will I see elk, buffalo, maybe even a grizzly bear? And then …. something more basic. Will I be able to find a toilet that’s clean, has toilet paper and - if I’m lucky - somewhere to wash my hands? As Maggie Mullen reports you could be in for a surprise. A new toilet may be coming to a park near you -- but be prepared for something different.

Worlds Of Music Program Features Quebecois Traditions In Four Day Event

The Worlds of Music program has brought folk music traditions and musicians from around the world to Wyoming for 23 years. The nonprofit’s next big program is a four-day event in Buffalo this October, featuring the music of Quebec. Writer and musician David Romtvedt is the group’s founder. He spoke with Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard about how making music can bring communities together.