September 27th, 2019

Credit Savannah Maher

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What We Know One Week After A Police Shooting In Riverton

It's been nearly a week since a man was shot and killed by law enforcement outside of a Walmart store in Riverton. Last night, community members held a vigil for the man, who has been identified as 58-year-old Anderson Antelope, a citizen of the Northern Arapaho Tribe.

Wyoming Public Radio's tribal affairs reporter Savannah Maher has been following this story. She spoke with Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck about the shooting and its aftermath.

Wyoming Delegation Responds To Impeachment Uproar In The Nation's Capital

This seems to be impeachment week in Washington – and it’s the first such event for two of Wyoming’s three lawmakers in the nation’s capital. And as Correspondent Matt Laslo reports from Washington, those two lawmakers are backing the president.  

Former Congressmen Say Lawmakers Need To Get Back To Making Policy

Two former members of Congress recently appeared at the University of Wyoming with former Senator Al Simpson talking about partisan politics and problems with congress. Former Democratic U.S. Representative Brian Baird from Washington and Former Republican Representative from Wisconsin Scott Klug says the public is frustrated and most members of Congress are frustrated, but both differ on the fixes. We begin our conversation with Representative Baird saying how executive orders like the one’s President Trump is fond of are taking away power from Congress. 

Bighorn Basin Hunting Program Focuses On Kids And Women

In the last decade, hunting has decreased in popularity nationally. While the downward trend is not as drastic in Wyoming, the Game and Fish Department is still worried about the future. That’s because hunting and fishing license fees and federal excise taxes makes up about 75 percent of the commission's budget. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska reports on how a first time hunt program could stabilize that revenue. 

So You've Heard Period Blood Attracts Bears, Here's Where That Myth Came From

It’s known as the “Night of the Grizzlies,” and it happened in Glacier National Park more than fifty years ago. As Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen reports, the repercussions of that incident are still being felt today - especially for women.

Regrowing The West: Inmates Employ New Strategy To Revitalize Sagebrush

Sagebrush is not growing well in Wyoming. It’s been decades of using the same method to try and regrow the keystone species, with minimal success. Experts are now trying a new strategy… and it’s one that also benefits Wyoming’s prisons. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim reports.

Ballet With A Twist

A New York City ballet company is coming to Cheyenne. Their show is called Cocktail Hour. It’s exactly what it sounds like: dance vignettes of drinks. The Bloody Mary, the Mint Julep, the Shirley Temple...all performed with original choreography, music, and costumes. This is classical ballet…with a twist. Wyoming Public Radio’s Erin Jones spoke with choreographer Marilyn Klaus.

Changes Might Be Coming To Sheridan's Main Street

One of Sheridan’s biggest pride and joys is its Main Street. For years, it’s become known for drawing in tourists and residents alike. Now the city is considering making a big change to see if it can improve its award-winning downtown. Wyoming Public Radio’s Catherine Wheeler has more.