September 14th, 2018

Credit Brian Harrington

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Gubernatorial Candidate Mary Throne Is Focused On Solutions

Democrat Mary Throne is hoping to become Wyoming's next governor. Throne was born and raised in Campbell County, growing up on a ranch on Wild Horse Creek. She's currently a Cheyenne attorney and for many years worked with the Department of Environmental Quality.

Throne is a former State Representative and Minority floor leader. She is facing Republican opponent Mark Gordon and others in the general election.

In The Mountain West, Latino Families Stabilize Shrinking Small Towns

It’s painful to watch the small town you love shrink as the young people move to bigger cities in search of jobs and a more urban lifestyle. But in Wyoming and around the West, some towns that would be shuttering are actually starting to see a resurgence of young families moving in…young Latino families. As Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards reports, that kind of growth is really happening in Rawlins. 

Can More Logging Ease Wildfires? Canada Holds Answers

Do you remember back in August when President Trump tweeted about California wildfires? He said we needed to “tree clear to stop fire from spreading.”

The Interior Department later echoed this call for more timber harvesting to help ease wildfires.

But as the American West deals with megafires and bad smoke… we wanted to know if that works. So we looked to the Canadian province of British Columbia.

It chops down more than three times as many trees as all the Western U.S. combined. So we sent Nate Hegyi up there to spend some time with a seasoned fire ecologist and... spoiler alert - logging isn’t a silver bullet.


Local Leaders Commit To Removing About 30 Million Dollars From Bank of the West—But Does It Matter

Counties and cities across Wyoming are removing funds from Bank of the West following a statement it will no longer finance any coal, oil or gas activities unless its clean-energy focused. The amount divested is already totaling in the tens of millions. But one city has definitively said it wants to KEEP its funds right where they are: Rawlins. A city surrounded by oil and gas. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim has the story.

Wind Energy Harms Wildlife: Conservation Biologists Have A Plan

Wyoming has a lot of wind energy but conservation biologists warn Wyomingites need to pay attention to how turbines can be harmful to wildlife. Biologists are figuring out ways to protect wildlife while still producing wind energy. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska spoke with Holly Copeland, the director of science for the Nature Conservancy in Wyoming, on which animals are in danger.

NEH Chairman Says Humanities Is Vital To A Healthy Democracy

The Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) visited Northern Wyoming this week. Chairman Jon Parrish Peede spoke with Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska on the power of humanities and art to push back ignorance. He said, during his tenure as chairman, he hopes he can help everyday Americans realize the power of the humanities.

You Heard That Right. An Opera About Locusts

Two professors from the University of Wyoming have created an original opera about the story of an unusual subject; the rocky mountain locust. The show will premiere at the end of the month in Jackson. Wyoming Public Radio’s London Homer-Wambeam has more.