Senator Nicholas rips tactics of pro-gun lobbyists

Feb 22, 2013

After receiving threats and attacks concerning Senators’ patriotism and support of gun rights, Senate Majority Floor Leader Phil Nicholas decided that the Senate would not debate a pair of gun rights bills.  One bill would allow local law enforcement to arrest federal officials enforcing federal gun laws in the state and the other gave the state power to keep local officials from developing their own gun regulations.  Nicholas says the bills were poorly drafted and gave one example:

“Right now there is a provision that local government can regulate, prevent, and suppress riots, disturbances and disorderly assemblies,” said Nicholas. “They want to take that right away from local governments to prevent riots.  Are you kidding me?”

Nicholas says it was his duty to stand up to the negative comments.  He says the bills were designed to raise money for gun groups and not support the second amendment.  The bills are now dead for the remainder of the legislative session.