Senate Wraps Up Work On Budget Cuts

Feb 25, 2018

The Wyoming House and Senate wrapped up budget work Friday. As predicted the Senate made several reductions to education spending. Senate Education Chairman Hank Coe says the cuts were outside of the classroom and were necessary when you look at the state’s fiscal situation. 

Members of the public listen as the Senate debates the budget.
Credit Bob Beck

“If all the cuts take place that we are talking about here with what we did last year, we are talking about 5 percent in cuts total. Most agencies have taken ten and 12 percent, community colleges have taken 15 percent cuts, the University has cut $41 million. So, I think there’s room for reductions.”

Lawmakers did add an amendment that would provide money to help the city of Laramie to retain the auto school Wyo Tech either through Laramie County Community College or a private enterprise. The House and Senate will review each other’s work on Tuesday.