Senate Votes To Restrict School Districts From Using State Money To Sue

Feb 13, 2017

Credit pixabay

The State Senate approved a budget amendment Friday that mandates school districts cannot use state funds to sue the legislature. The amendment passed 20 to 10.

The language was added as a footnote to the Budget Bill, and is similar to legislation that died in both the House and a Senate committee.

Sheridan Senator Dave Kinskey was in favor of the amendment, and said Wyoming could avoid mistakes of the federal government by approving it.

“At the national level we’re our own worst enemy. We fund all of the lawsuits which deprive us of coal and oil and the revenues derived therefrom, and then we look in the mirror and see here locally we do the same thing. We hand somebody the knife to cut our throat. I think it’s entirely proper to say that we’re not going to be like the federal government and pay people to sue us,” he said.

Laramie Senator Chris Rothfuss said it would be inappropriate to restrict schools from using state money to sue just because the legislature didn’t like the results.