Senate Votes Down Primary Runoff Proposal

Mar 24, 2021

Sen. Bo Biteman on left and Sen Tim Salazar during debate on a bill to change primary elections.
Credit Bob Beck

The Wyoming Senate voted down a bill that would have moved up the primary election with the intent to have a runoff election, if the winner of the primary didn't have over 50 percent of the vote.

Sheridan Sen. Bo Biteman said it would give people greater satisfaction with the winner.

During the final debate, Casper Sen. Drew Perkins said he discussed the proposal with a number of people in his district and it didn't get great support.

"They were appalled that they would be subjected to still another election. And I've been holding elected office for about 19 years now, and there's been a few times I've got that look... not many...but this was one of them," said Perkins.

Fellow Casper Sen. Bill Landen suggested that the issue be studied over the next few months to see if there are election reforms that make sense.