Senate Passes Bill That Makes Eluding Police A Felony

Jan 28, 2017

Credit Wyoming highway patrol

The Wyoming Senate has passed a bill that enhances the penalties for fleeing a police officer or attempting to flee a police officer. 

The bill makes it a felony if a driver tries to elude a police officer and drives recklessly. The penalty is further enhanced if the driver injures someone or causes property damage. 

LaGrange Senator Curt Meier said someone who is driving recklessly is not necessarily committing a felony, and that the bill goes too far.

“This bill is not just the bad actors, the net of this bill is  a huge net with very small holes and it catches practically everybody.”

Bill sponsor Tara Nethercott said when someone tries to evade police they are putting everyone at risk.

“It’s absolutely not acceptable to take your car and drive it in a willful disregard for the safety of Wyoming citizens with no effect.”

The bill passed on a 16-14 vote and heads to the House for further debate.