Senate Passes Air Ambulance Bill Amid Concerns

Mar 26, 2021

Sen. Cale Case Debates Air Ambulance Membership legislation.
Credit Bob Beck

The Wyoming Senate passed a bill intended to strike a compromise over how the state can regulate Air Ambulance Membership organizations.

Consumers pay for the memberships to avoid paying high prices if they ever need air ambulance services. It's a serious issue in the more rural areas of the state due to the lack of catastrophic health care. Lawmakers fear that without regulation, consumers are at risk of fraud and the legislation is trying to solve the problem.

But a recent court decision appears to say such laws are not legal. Casper Sen. Drew Perkins said that puts the bill in jeopardy.

"We're gonna pass this law and if somebody's smart they're gonna sue, we're gonna lose and we're gonna pay money and we're gonna be right back. We won't have done a thing," argued Perkins.

But Lander Sen. Cale Case urged the Senate to pass the bill anyway and allow the House and Senate to try and fix the bill before it goes to the governor. He said the issue is too important to his constituents.

"But I know I don't want to go back home and say I have absolutely nothing. You guys don't get it, you live in bigger communities, everybody that gets a toenail fracture has to be flown out and they are afraid," said Case.

But Perkins countered that they could be giving citizens a false sense of security.