Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Bill To Create Penalties For Edibles

Feb 24, 2017

The Senate’s Judiciary Committee passed a bill on Wednesday to create a tiered penalty system for products containing THC, or edibles. House Bill 137 originally dealt with the plant form of marijuana, but the committee amended the bill to define marijuana product as a substance meant to be consumed in ways other than smoking. 


The committee voted unanimously for the bill. Rock Springs Senator Liisa Anselmi-Dalton said the bill may help reduce overcrowding at the prison in Rawlins and will clarify how judges should proceed with edible charges in the future. 


"I think one thing is we don’t want to throw everyone in jail right away, it’s a little too much," said Anselmi-Dalton. "And I think the other problem it’s trying to solve is there was an example in Laramie where the judge just said there’s nothing for edibles, and that he couldn’t do anything about it. And so law enforcement is asking for something."


Under the bill, a first offense of possession of 8 ounces or less will incur a $200 dollar fine, or 20 days in jail. The bill also delays a felony charge to the fourth offense of 8 ounces or less within ten years of the first offense. The bill now moves to the floor of the Senate for further debate.