Senate gives initial approval for nuclear waste storage facility bill

Jan 15, 2013

A bill that would allow for the building of a nuclear waste storage facility in Wyoming received an initial go ahead in the State Senate, despite concerns that it isn’t needed yet.  The bill would get the process of permitting a storage facility started, so that if a nuclear power plant was considered for Wyoming, the storage facility would already be permitted.  But some think that the Senate is getting ahead of itself.  Sheridan Republican Bruce Burns worried that this could open the doors for something the state doesn’t want.

“Color me skeptical on this.  I remember a few years back there was a proposal to put a nuclear waste facility in Wyoming and that could have taken nuclear waste from anywhere in the United States.”

Burns believes if such a facility existed in the state, it could open the doors for outside storage. Senator Stan Cooper says a nuclear energy task force is behind the push in an effort to help a nuclear energy facility to be built more quickly.  The bill will be debated two more times.