Senate Defeats Guns In Schools Bill

Mar 4, 2015

Senator Hank Coe Debates Gun Bill
Credit Bob Beck / Wyoming Public Radio

The Wyoming Senate decided that a bill that would have provided a mechanism for guns to be in schools and gun free zones was not ready for prime time. The Senate voted 25 to 3 to kill that bill with no debate. It ends debate on the issue for the year. 

The bill originally mandated that guns be allowed in schools, colleges, and government meetings, but Senator Hank Coe successfully amended the bill to leave those decisions up to local governing bodies. Lander Republican Cale Case favored the House version of the bill.

“You know I think the folks that were in my shoes voted against it because it had been changed so much and folks that were in the other shoes voted against it because it changed so much. (Laughter) So I guess it was one of those things that’s unsatisfying on both sides and we’ll probably come at it again.”

But Coe was among those who voted against the bill. He says the issue needs study.

“And bring the districts in and bring the community college trustees in and the UW trustees in, bring cities in and counties in. And work it in the interim sometime, it won’t work this year, but it very well could work next year when we come into a general session.”

Senator Charles Scott was one of three people to vote for the bill. He says the Senate version of the bill was the best approach.