Senate Debates Diversification Bill

Jan 31, 2017

Senate President Eli Bebout
Credit Wyoming Legislature

The Wyoming Senate is debating a bill that could lead to a long awaited 20 year plan to diversify Wyoming’s economy. The bill sets up the Economically Needed Diversity Options For Wyoming Council, or ENDOW Council.

Senate President Eli Bebout said it’s difficult to get legislators to think long term, but he thinks the current economic climate will help.

"I think the timing is really right," said Bebout. "I think the diversity component for not only the data systems, like the gun manufacturers, some of those things make a lot of sense, but to add value to our minerals. You know, every time we always say we’d rather…instead of sending the electrons out of state we’d rather add value to those electrons and do it locally, so that’s a big component to this bill as well.”

The measure to diversify the state’s economy is being pushed by Governor Matt Mead who is also asking the University of Wyoming to help with the effort.