Senate Continues Debate On Guns In Schools

Mar 3, 2015

Gillette Republican Jeff Wasserburger

The Wyoming Senate continues working on a bill that would let school boards, college trustees, and local governments decide whether guns will be allows in their facilities. 

The Senate rejected several amendments, including one by Gillette Republican Jeff Wasserburger to add number of safety measures to the bill. Those measures included 20 hours of safety training for school employees and giving local entities the ability to revoke concealed carry permits.

Wasserburger is a school principal with mixed emotions about the bill.

“I believe that law enforcement in Wyoming, at least at the schools in Gillette and in Wright and Douglas are very close to their schools and their response time is very fast. So I believe that local law enforcement protects their schools.”

But Wasserburger says safety is a bigger issue for more rural schools. However, Wasserburger says the bill has not been well thought out and he suggests studying the issue.

“If Wyoming wants to go to this and if the local school districts want this and then we should take our time. One of the things that after 13 years in the Wyoming legislature, if you see a bill like this coming through the process and it’s getting heavily amended all the way through. It’s probably not ready for prime time.”

The Senate did approve an amendment to the bill that would let people have guns in their cars on school and college grounds. The bill will be debated for a final time today.