Senate Considers Hemp Bill

Feb 22, 2019


A bill that would finally allow Wyoming farmers to grow industrial Hemp has made its way through initial debate in the State Senate.

Supporters say it will allow farmers to set their own prices and expand into a new market. The Senate rejected an amendment by Baggs Senator Larry Hicks that attempted to strip funding from the bill. Cody Senator Hank Coe said there's a lot of interest in the product and people want to start growing it now.

"Provide an opportunity for Wyoming producers and there's a lot of Ag producers up in my country and in this part of the state in southeast Wyoming," said Coe. He added that hemp is a value-added product, which gives farmers options. "So let's not poor boy this thing. Let's give them an option now," said Coe.

State Ag officials say Hemp could do better than a number of Wyoming crops. The bill will be debated two more times.