Senate Committee defeats guns in schools bill

Feb 8, 2013

The Senate Education committee killed a bill that would have allowed those with concealed weapons permits to carry guns in schools and on Wyoming College campuses.  The bill died after nobody made a motion to consider it.  A number of educators at all levels testified that the legislation was a bad idea and that such ideas should be left to local school districts to consider.  University of Wyoming President Tom Buchanan testified that the allowing guns on campus could lead to problems.

“Our colleges and universities have to be safe and secure sanctuaries for learning.  Weapons on campus or in the classroom would have a chilling or unacceptable impact on education.”

Buchanan also worried that students could make a poor decision that leads to dire consequences. 

“Now add in the dynamics of living without parental supervision, factor in the stress of academic life and consider the lack of judgment and reckless behavior that sometimes accompanies pre-adulthood.”

Lyman Representative Allen Jaggi  argued that the legislation would make schools more secure and added that most public shootings occur in gun free zones.  Jaggi also argued that concerns about the bill were overblown and that a number of teachers have written him and supported the legislation.