Senate Committee Approves Bill Providing Oversight To Health Orders

Mar 4, 2021

Credit Pixabay, Public Domain

The Wyoming Senate's Health and Labor committee voted 3-2 to limit the power of the governor and public health officials regarding a public health order.

The bill requires legislative approval for a statewide health order to be expanded beyond 30 days. Local government officials would have to approve a local health order that goes beyond 15 days. 

Gillette Sen. Troy McKeown said the bill would also delay a health order for 48 hours in order for the public to comment. Park County Commissioner Lee Livingston said he was uncomfortable overruling a public health official.

"I can guide you to a big elk, but I'm probably not the one you'd want to come to for health decisions," he said.

Gov. Mark Gordon's Policy Advisor Renny MacKay was among those who urged the committee to support a different bill that will take a comprehensive look back at how the state reacted to the pandemic.

Despite the objections, the bill now moves to the Senate floor for further consideration.