Senate Committee amends gun bills

Feb 20, 2013

The Senate Judiciary Committee passed a pair of gun rights bills with some key changes. 

The Committee reworked a bill that had been intended to threaten federal law enforcement officials with arrest if they tried to enforce federal gun bans in Wyoming.  The committee amended the bill to say that federal officials could carry out their duties, but that local law enforcement could not assist.  Still, the Wyoming Attorney General was given authority to protect citizen gun rights. 

The committee also passed a bill that says the Legislature is in charge of regulating guns in the state… taking that power from local government. 

Chris Boswell of the University of Wyoming says school officials were worried that the bill would keep them from enforcing gun regulations on campus.

“It is not clear I would suggest Mr. Chairman what affect SF 103 would have on the University as it is currently drafted.  Since UW is a state entity and is composed of state property and governmental buildings,” Boswell says.

The Committee removed UW, Community Colleges, and K-12 schools from the bill. 

The bills will head to Senate floor for further consideration.