Senate Approves Game And Fish Funding

Feb 18, 2014

The State Senate approved additional funding for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, but not without discussion.

The bill provides $14 million for the department to pay for health insurance and grizzly management.   It’s intended to address financial issues within the Department, after a hunting license fee increase was defeated last year. 

Senator Phil Nicholas says the fee hike was defeated because the Game and Fish has incurred the wrath of those who pay the fees.

“I get, and I know you’ve gotten the same e-mails, saying that you know, we are increased.  And that’s their way of saying you need to be more attentive to us,” Nicholas said.  “And the response is the Game and Fish that rather than be more attentive to the Sportsmen in the state we are going to the legislature and ask for more money.”

Senator Bruce Burns of Sheridan said the funding is needed to allow the Department to properly manage wildlife in the state. The bill passed and heads to the House for further debate.