Senate approves bill to allow Hathaway Scholarship applicants more options

Feb 27, 2013

It came down to the final day, but the Wyoming legislature finally approved a bill that would require students to take vocational or arts classes in order to qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship.  The idea was to remove a foreign language requirement in order for students to be able to take other courses. 

But Senator Phil Nicholas argued that it was important to allow students who wanted four years of foreign language to be able to have it.  Bill Sponsor Sam Krone says it was a good idea.

“Actually provides more opportunities for students,” Krone says.  “So if you have a student that is really geared toward foreign language, that student would be able to take four years of foreign language and get credit towards the scholarship.”

It now means students can take two years of classes in the arts, vocational education or foreign language.

Krone says the goal of the bill was to give more options for students.  

After a reconsideration vote the House adopted the Senate amendment and sent the bill to Governor Mead for his consideration.