Sen. Enzi warns that The Sequester is coming

Feb 19, 2013

Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming

Senator Mike Enzi continues to say that the budget sequester will take effect on March first. 

The Republican told the state Legislature that the sequestration will roll back the federal budget to 2008 levels and will feature an eight-percent cut. 

Enzi says instead of across the board cuts, he says Congress should have taken a page from the Wyoming Legislature and had federal agencies participate in the exercise.

“Get them to prioritize what they are doing.  Tell us what they are doing well and tell us what they are not doing well,” Enzi says. “And make sure that what they cut are the things they are not doing well.   And that’s the step we will have to go back to if we are to have any sensible budgeting at the federal level.”

Enzi also told the state legislature that budget problems will continue, and he says there is not enough federal money to pay for Medicaid expansion.