Second Annual Pop-Up Artwalk

Sep 2, 2016

2015 First annual Pop-up Artwalk in downtown Laramie.
Credit Wyoming Art Party

The second annual Pop-Up Artwalk is coming to downtown Laramie this month. The event, organized by the Wyoming Art Party, will host local artists, musicians, and performers in weekend-long demonstration of creativity and community. People will have the change to explore the different "pop-up" spaces inside local businesses and take part in activities throughout the event.

The Wyoming Art Party is run by local artists June Glasson, Adrienne Vetter, and Meg Thompson.

"A big important theme for us is that the Artwalk is an inclusive event. So you can be a professional artist, you can be a professor, you can be a kindergartener, you can be a high school student. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate," said June Glasson.

Wyoming Art Party Member Adrienne Vetter said she hopes other will join in, too.

"I'd like to also encourage spontaneous creative acts. Like if you have a suitcase full of artwork, or you play an instrument and you just want to do an impromptu performance." 

Their goal, Glasson said, is to have fun. The Artwalk runs September 16-17.