Scott And Diane Seville - Casper WY

Feb 24, 2015


Credit Scott and Diane Seville

A love note from Diane and Scott Seville, Casper WY.

For over 30 years for us Wyoming Public Radio has been a central part of living in Wyoming.  Morning Edition has been our close neighborhood friend joining us each morning for breakfast to stimulate conversation and share the news, the issues, and raise awareness on the state of the state, nation, and world.

WPR was there in the mid-1980’s when we were starting our lives together as graduate students at UW. When money was short our evening dates consisted of snuggling on the couch in the basement apartment on Ivinson Street in Laramie listening to old radio shows like “Fibber McGee and Molly” and the “Green Hornet”. We still talk fondly about the simpler times, before kids and costumes took center stage, and the scariest Halloween ever with snow falling and Stephen King reading “The Fog” on 91.9.  Being in the neighborhood we were regular volunteers (a cheap date night) for the annual fund drives with free pizza and a chance to break bread with radio celebrities like Bob, Pat, and Woody.

Over the years WPR has helped us anticipate the changing seasons and approaching holidays. Grady playing Christine Lavin’s “Ballad of a Ballgame” or John Fogarty’s “Put Me in Coach” raise anticipation every year as spring and baseball season approach.  Tom Wilhelm on Ranch Breakfast spinning Stan Roger’s “First Christmas” and John McCutheon’s “Christmas in the Trenches” reminds us every Christmas of what’s important and of those so less fortunate than us.

Last, WPR is that great companion in the passenger seat of our car as we travel the highways and byways of Wyoming.  Driving through the roster of local and national shows and the cast or radio personalities makes the time fly, the distances shorter, and doesn’t detract from the beautiful Wyoming landscapes flying by.  The only difficult stretches being those WPR black holes as you roll past Hell’s Half Acre and navigate the curves at Bessemer Bend.  Thank goodness the Kaycee zone has been addressed!

Thank you WPR for being there!  Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.