Salary Increase For Circuit Court Judges

Feb 28, 2017

Credit Tennessee Watson

The Wyoming House of Representatives passed a bill to increase circuit court judge salaries Monday. 

Circuit court judges are currently paid an annual salary of $119,000 and the bill proposes an increase to $132,000.

There was concern expressed that now was not a great time to increase judges’ salaries, considering the widespread budget cuts affecting state employees and public education.

Proponents said circuit court judges have a demanding schedule because they must be on call to respond to requests from law enforcement at all hours. Laramie Representative Charles Pelkey said a raise was long overdue.

“I’ve often said these are the front line in our state court system. They’ve been left behind while other judges in higher courts have received raises," Pelkey said. "This is a small step in the direction of playing catch up.”  

The bill passed the House 40 to 20, and will now be reviewed by the governor.