Ryan Greene Wins Democratic Nomination For U.S. House Seat

Aug 17, 2016

Former Governor Dave Freudenthal with Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, Ryan Greene.

Ryan Greene won the Democratic primary Tuesday night with 60 percent of the vote, defeating his challenger Charlie Hardy. Greene campaigned as a "Wyoming Democrat," splitting with the rest of his party on issues like second amendment rights and minimum wage increases.

“My dad’s a Republican, my mom’s a Democrat. I line right up in the middle," Greene said. "And I think that’s where the solutions lie. Not too far right, not too far left, but right there in the middle. Because I don’t think Wyoming’s problems are Republican or Democrat. I believe that they are Wyoming problems.”

For his part, Charlie Hardy advised Greene not to rely on money to win the general election. 

“He’s going to be outspent by Liz Cheney,” Hardy said, adding that Greene outspent him 7 to 1. “If money is going to decide this election in November, I’m afraid he has no chance at all. Okay? It’s got to be values, it’s got to be values. It has to be new ideas.”

Greene says his experience in the energy industry gives him a unique perspective on Wyoming’s changing economic needs. In the past, he worked as a welder and roustabout and currently owns an oilfield service company.