Rocky Mountain Power's Renewable Energy Program Turns 20

Aug 26, 2020

Solar panels on the Downtown Clinic in Laramie.
Credit Rocky Mountain Power

Rocky Mountain Power's renewable energy program turns 20 this year. So far, it has helped over 20 Wyoming organizations start renewable energy projects.

The Blue Sky program allows customers to choose to pay a little extra on their power bills. That money goes into a fund that builds solar panels for community organizations.

Rocky Mountain Power spokeswoman Tiffany Erickson said the solar panels let organizations spend their funds on the community instead of their own power bill.

"They're organizations that most likely otherwise could not have afforded these arrays," she said. "That saves them money and then they're able to turn around and put more money into their own programs and the community that they're serving."

Erickson said it also provides an educational opportunity.

"It's also an awareness tool because those organizations are reaching out and educating those around them about their project and the impact that it has and why renewable energy is something that we should support," she said.

Erickson said the program funded solar panels for the Downtown Clinic in Laramie, allowing them to spend more money responding to COVID-19. The Blue Sky program has also approved projects at the Laramie Recreation Center and the Laramie Regional Airport.

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